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Calendar Clock

Digital Display offers four models of Digital Calendar Clocks including full-month view, Julian, alpha or month/day calendars. Available in 12- or 24-hour, we have multiple sizes of calendar clocks perfect for any type of business including manufacturing facilities, schools, hospitals or any other location where a high-quality digital calendar clock is needed. For businesses with international offices, we also offer lettering for any language. All Digital Calendar Clocks are durable, use Dot Matrix Technology LED and come in a variety of sizes.

All of our Digital Calendar Clocks offers the following features:

  • Choose between month/day, julian, alpha, full month calendar views
  • Multiple sizes of available
  • 12- or 24-hour display
  • 4-digit or 6-digit time display
  • Lettering with character heights from .7” to 2”  available in any language
  • Non-glare lens for readability
  • Super-bright LED technology available in red, yellow, green and blue
  • Anodized aluminum frame for durability
  • Wireless remote control for easy programming
  • 10 year lithium battery to ensure accuracy even after a power failure
  • Automatic International Daylight Savings Correction Available