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LED Timer Clock

Elapsed LED timer clock is a large remote-controlled stopwatch used to measure accurate time intervals under operator control. They provide count up and countdown to a maximum of 99 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds. A box, plate or IRR remote control allows the user to run, hold or reset the timer when in elapsed or down timer mode. When not in elapsed timer mode, some of our elapsed LED timer clocks show synchronized time.

These programmable timers are great for use in schools, manufacturing facilities, sport games, races, competitions, tests, hospitals, or any other application where stop and go time is needed to display the amount of time remaining.

Option of box, plate, or IRR Remote

BET-62418 | 1.8″ Digits | $314.

BET-62425 | 2.5″ Digits | $314.


BET-62440 | 4″ Digits | $389.


DET-62470 (Red,Green,Blue or White)| 7″ Digits | $837.


DET-109920 | Yellow, Red, Green, or Blue | 2″ Digits | Real Time / Count Up / Countdown | $446