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Network Clock

  • Choose from three types of digital LED master clocks: Our standard Master Clock, and GPS Master Clock
  • Then choose from various slave digital clocks that connect and receive accurate time from any Master Clock
  • Every digital network master clock displays the exactly same time
  • Single twisted-pair RS-422 or Wireless communication
  • Updates every second
  • Unlimited number of clocks and cable length (with repeaters)
  • Able to mix clock types (most DDS products supported)
  • Network clock can show time in different time zones
  • 12- or 24-hour selectable
  • Non-glare lens
  • Super-bright LED’s
  • High readability
  • Anodized aluminum frame
  • Optional wireless remote control
  • 10 year lithium battery (insures correct time after power failure)
  • Selectable automatic international daylight savings correction