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Bar Time Zone Clocks

One of three types of time zone clocks we offer, the Bar Time Zone Clocks display across a horizontal bar that makes it easy to read for any kind of office. Customizable from 2 to 8 time zones, this timezone clock can fit any business need. With time display heights ranging from 1.8” up to 4” this clocks is readable at any distance.

Like our other timezone clocks, standard red LED is available along with green and blue (upon special request). Time zone locations can appear with vinyl or LED lettering so you can customize based upon your budget.

Whatever your needs, our bar timezone clocks have the following:

  • Multiple digit sizes available from 1.8″, 2.5″ and 4″ for maximum readability
  • Horizontal bar format to display various digital wall clock timezones
  • Super bight LED technology available in red and yellow (green and blue LED upon request)
  • Choice of white vinyl or LED letters for timezone clock locations
  • Available in 2-8 zones so you can set for anywhere in the world
  •  12- and 24-hour display
  • Wireless remote or PC control option for easy programming
  • 10-year lithium battery ensure accuracy even after a power failure
  • Up to one second a year accuracy (TCXO)
  • Automatic International Daylight Savings Correction Available

Price per each additional zone with vinyl letters

  • 1.8″ timezone clocks – $191.00
  • 2.5″ timezone clocks – $262.00
  • 4″ timezone clocks –    $327.00

Price per each additional zone with LED letters

  • 1.8″ timezone clocks – $428.00
  • 2.5″ timezone clocks – $491.00
  • 4″ timezone clocks –    $581.00