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Dot-Matrix Time Zone Clocks

Our Dot-Matrix Time Zone Clock provides simple versatility. Using many small LED lights, these clocks comes in various sizes are great for large spaces. These clocks are fully programmable and can display up to 8 time zones, perfect for managing business across the globe. Dot matrix clocks also allow you to stack location and time zones to best fit your business needs. LED lettering is available in red, green, yellow and blue, so you can customize for any space.

Our dot matrix timezone clocks have the following features:

  • Size choices of 2″ clock displaying 1.2″ location or 1.2″ clock with .7″ location
  • Time display up to 5 characters and LED locations up to 15 characters long
  • Super bight LED technology available in red and yellow (green and blue LED upon request)
  • Up to 8 time zones so you can set for anywhere in the world
  • PC software control

Price per each additional zone for 2″ electronic display – $375
Price per each additional zone for 1.2″ electronic display – $353
Price per each additional zone for .7″ electronic display – $452